Highly recommend Kara James @ Pursue & Thrive. Fantastic with Offer definition & Creation. Kara helped us identify the right path to follow in order to increase leads and sales. Pursue & Thrive gave us sound strategic advice that made sense.

-Joel Phillips

Kara is incredible with her knowledge and expertise! She offered the support I needed with my coaching business. Kara's suggestions on how to implement and strategize are extremely valuable. She is very thorough. She is easy to work with. I highly recommend her!

-Annette Valerino Barry

Kara is very approachable and involved coach. She has helped me to gain more clarity in my ideal customer, offer and strategy. In addition, to our valuable conversations, she offers, handy overviews and various marketing-sales ideas for a successful launch. I look forward implementing these tips for further growth. Thanks so far, Kara L. James!

-Sarah Vermazen

Meeting with Kara was amazing! She gave me advice that has completely changed my business.

-Kim Roth

I am Amy, a dating coach for women 30+. I love helping women conquer their pasts and find love. I had the most amazing session with Kara James-Live. She had offered some really juicy tips for improving my content and getting more into the realm of my target female clients. I really enjoyed our session - I think we were giggling together the entire time we worked! Chat with her if you're interested in finding help with Offers. She's the real deal!!

-Amy Mehta Parmar

I contacted Kara to make one of my new offers irresistible to my client base. She returned a thoughtful review of the existing offer, and several pointers on how to make it better. She communicated with ease and additionally, when I explained the offer, continued to offer additional value and insight to make my offer better. I would highly recommend her services.

-Anna Marie Ramirez

"I've had a lot of people help me over the years, do a lot of things and I want to give out a Giant magnificent shout out to Kara.
She's really good at work she's really good at content"

"Kara came up with the words for me. The wording, she has, has a maestro. She's really good. If you want the words go to Kara James, she'll take care of you.

Kara, Thank you so much."

-Tony Durso

"Kara's course was an eye-opener and it's helped me take my coaching business to the next level from creating a compelling coaching program to bring in more clients."

"I've learned so many valuable lessons through the coach's offer collective. And the best part is I've been able to put them in action I've already brought in 40 new clients in my business and continues to grow."

-Colton Pomeroy

-Annette Berry

-Mieke Vander Heyden

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