Working with Coaches Wanting Clear Irresistible Offers

Learn the 10 common brand messaging mistakes that you need to avoid and how to craft clear messaging that attracts your IDEAL clients to your offers.

Does this sound familiar?

You have clients but they are not ideal.

You don't have any clients.

You have an offer that isn't selling daily.

You post and get no responses.

Your email open rate is low.

We believe that coaches need clear different priced offers to fill their value ladder to create consistent revenue.

Those offers MUST be clear and irresistible so their ideal client actually will buy from them over and over again.

At Pursue and Thrive, LLC we help new and established coaches create a customized roadmap to build those irresistible offers that feed into a solid automated business foundation we set up using our business blueprint.

This system is set on autopilot taking cold prospects all the way to raving referring clients!

Our Unique Two-Fold Business Approach:

1. Create Irresistible Offers

2. Set Up an Automated Business System

When creating your offers:

We really focus on what makes YOU different from your competitors

Dial in and make your messaging crystal clear.

We help you craft your methodology so it stands out and stands out!

We then package them up into clean, professional offers that have your ideal clients begging to buy!

As a strategist with the Strategic Advisor Board, I also help CEO's from many industries increase their top line revenue by helping them with offer creation, copy, and automation.

Our Process is Customized & Simple...

Step 1

We create a customized step-by-step strategic roadmap that depends on where you are at now in your business.

Step 2

Together we'll create irresistible offers that fill your value ladder creating consistent revenue.

Step 3

Help you build a solid business foundation taking cold prospects to raving clients set on autopilot.

Meet Kara

Meet Kara James, Your Trusted Business Growth Strategist

Navigating the complexities of the business world can leave you wondering where to turn. Hey there, I'm Kara James, the CEO of Pursue and Thrive, LLC, and I'm here to guide you to success.

As one of the 10 key strategists on the esteemed Strategic Advisor Board (SAB), I've honed my skills to help you chart a clear course to success. My expertise lies in creating solid automated business solutions guided by the ultimate business blueprint, resulting in irresistible offers that ensure consistent revenue streams.

What sets me apart is my unwavering commitment to clarity. Clarity shapes your messaging and offers, making you stand out as credible in a crowded market. With certifications in offer creation, copywriting, funnel building, and more, I bring a wealth of expertise to your journey.

On a personal note, I'm a married mom of three amazing young adults and share my home with a lovable pup named Otis. I enjoy nature walks, exploring farmer's markets, diving into self-help and business strategy books, embarking on exciting travels, and cherishing the joy of entertaining.

When you're seeking clarity, credibility, and success in the business world, remember, I'm here to guide you. Together, we'll make your business thrive with solid automated solutions, irresistible offers, and unwavering clarity.

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